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Fight infringement, help the development of fitness industry
Release date: Jul 20,2022 | Views: 936 | Article Categories: Blog

Fight infringement, help the development of fitness industry - Baodelong in action


   Recently, "Baodelong" found that the group's "Transformers" series of bikes, in the market "very active" : there are more than 10 peers in the production of this series of similar products, and there are hundreds of online shops selling similar bikes. In response to this difficult situation, Baodelong Group launched emergency plans. On the one hand, it lowered the price in a straight line, and on the other hand, it applied for rights protection to the "Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center".

  FMCG products are easy to be copied and imitated. For the research and development of "Transformers" series bikes, Baodelong's RESEARCH and development team took more than one year, and the preliminary research and development cost was more than 3 million yuan. In the field of fitness equipment, homogenization competition is extremely fierce, and similar infringement incidents occur from time to time, which seriously affects the development of the fitness industry. Seizing the opportunity of national intellectual property reform, the province's first "Intellectual property Rapid Protection Center" can promote the progress of enterprise rights protection to the greatest extent at the present stage.


  After Baodelong applied for rights protection, the pre-adjudicator of "Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center" made a technical comparison of the infringing products in the market at the first time, and issued infringement judgment opinions on the infringement behaviors of some manufacturers.


  In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, crack down on infringement and protect patented products, it not only needs the support of the state, but also needs the joint efforts of consumers and practitioners in the fitness industry.


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