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Focus on quality improvement, build quality integrity together
Release date: Jun 06,2022 | Views: 952 | Article Categories: Blog

                                Focus on quality improvement, build quality integrity together

  The theme activity of "Product and Service Quality Integrity Commitment" hosted by the China Association for Quality Inspection on March 15, 2022, International Consumer Rights Day and the announcement of national Product and Service Quality integrity Commitment Enterprises. Shandong Baodelong Fitness Equipment Co., LTD., which has been manufacturing products with the spirit of craftsmanship for 20 years, has been honored on the list.

  "China Quality News" 3.15 special issue / announcement, "China Consumer News" 3.15 annual report Announcement, China Quality Network, China Economic Network "Quality Economy" Channel, China Product Quality Credibility Network synchronous online publicity of this year's national product and service quality integrity commitment enterprises.

  As the theme of this activity:

  Focus on quality improvement, build quality integrity together.

  Deliver quality trust, boost high-quality development, safeguard consumer rights and guide quality consumption.



"Baodelong" is always adhering to the above purposes. Strictly control each process of product manufacturing to ensure each product can meet customers’ needs to the greatest extent.

The authoritative certification of Baodelong products, won various awards for many years. "Quality builds brand, integrity determines future" Baodelong always believes that quality, service and customers’ recognition are the foundation of enterprise survival and development.

After more than 20 years of development, Baodelong will, as always, pay close attention to product quality. Always provide customers with satisfactory products and service for the purpose of the enterprise. Try our best to make a contribution to the development of fitness industry.

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